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oh my god someone take photoshop away from me 

Sketch Commissions


I quit my job so I’m opening up sketch commissions for the time being so I can pay my bills ;3; 

$8 for regular sketch ($3 for an extra character)


$12 for colored sketch ($4 for extra character)


any little bit helps! If you are interested, send me an ask and we’ll discuss your commission ^_^ Paypal only, sorry

And even if you can’t commission me, a signal boost would be just as appreciated ;3; 

(better examples added now)


The new ED for Free! is already enough alone to make it Anime of the Year 2014. 


Fweeeh.. finally finished it, it took a lot !! °_° The result looks nice, but I’m not really satified with it >.< I want to be more loose and stylized with my next pic.
I also found out that me and Jean have the same name initials (J.K.) while coloring him LOL.. However i saved the steps too, so if you like it more than I dislike it, I’ll post them here as a mini-tutorial :3


Just a painting I’ve been working on over the past couple of days. I didn’t really have anything in mind as I painted this. I just wanted to have something new to show. =PHope you like it! =D

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see out of context this is funny but when you know why he’s actually in there it’s pretty fucked up

why is he in there

he was trying to find a tub to melt a dead body in acid in

oh well I was not expecting that


accidentally gets 309240926435 puddles of car oil on self 

"Let's see here...If the subject fails to respond,
use aggression to liberate his true disposition..."


reading shitty fic cause you’re so thirsty you’ll accept anything